Coqui & Sato's Journey

[Map showing their journey ]

Once we had decided to adopt both of them, they both were hidden in the apartment above the shelter in case Satos owner would try to claim her back.  Then they were spayed and got all their documents to travel. Luckily United Airlines allowed us to have them both in one crate to travel, but unfortunately we had to leave them behind as we had flown on a different carrier. Their journey back to DC was quite trains, planes, automobiles as we made arrangements to have them brought from the shelter to the ferry to the mainland and then picked up at the ferry to be taken to San Juan airport for the nonstop flight to Washington, DC. As it was May and there were temperature restrictions for pet travel, I got to know the United Cargo guys in San Juan very well when I called every hour to check on their status. But fortunately, there were no delays and they arrived safe and sound at Dulles airport none the worse for the wear.