The Diplomatic Passport

Please note this package is available in two formats: Private Lessons and In-Residence Training

Looking to give your dog the ultimate freedom to travel with you whether to your beach house, your cabin in the country, one of the many scenic byways in the area or your even just your local dog park? This package will transition your dog from on-leash to off-leash reliability. Building on the 15" leash work from The Diplomatic Dog Fundamentals package I will teach your dog to complete all the foundation exercises without leash contact, but more importantly teach you how to "let go", but still stay connected.  

Excellent Diplomatic Passport candidates are emotionally mature, have completed The Diplomatic Dog Fundamentals and/or basic obedience training and are consistently and reliably responding on leash.


This package specifically covers:

  • Review of foundation exercises at a distance
  • Drop in motion - down from a distance while the dog is moving
  • Long line work - giving the dog the feeling of being off-leash while dragging a 15" leash that gradually becomes lighter and fades away
  • Working with an e-collar (additional charge ranging between $175 to $250, depending on your dog's size)
  • Staying connected with your off-leash dog
  • Keeping your dog attentive to you
  • Working off-leash around distractions

Winnie's Drop in Motion

Training formats

This package is available in the following formats:

Private Lessons

Six week program with weekly lessons in your home and your neighborhood during which I teach you how to teach your dog. Between each lesson, I will ask you to work and practice with your dog twice daily for 30 minutes. We will then jointly set up the protocols for your dog's daily life.

Package summary:

  • 6 sessions
  • Initial session is 2 hours
  • 7 hours of training total

Price: $900

Ready to get started? Tell me about you and your dog and I will contact you to discuss how we can work together!

In-Residence Training

Two week program in which I lay the foundation for you. I come to your home twice daily (each session is 45 minutes) for two weeks (Monday through Friday) to train and work with your dog in your home and neighborhood. At the end of each week, I give you a one-hour lesson to work on your handling skills. During the follow-up lesson, we will jointly set up the protocols for your dog's daily life.

Package summary:

  • 20 x 45-minute sessions with dog
  • 4 x 60-minute sessions with dog and owner
  • Initial session is 2 hours
  • 20 hours of training total

Price: $2200

Ready to get started? Tell me about you and your dog and I will contact you to discuss how we can work together!

I have had two German Shepherd Dogs that were trained by Kathleen. Kathleen was able to quickly identify what motivated each dog and work within that motivation to come up with the best training techniques for each dog. I ended up with two extremely well behaved German Shepherds that I am able to take off lead anywhere it is allowed and people are constantly commenting on their level of not only obedience but responsiveness.
— Leilani H.