The Diplomatic Intervention

For dogs who already have had some training, but have developed some bad habits, such as dragging/pulling you while walking, leash reactivity, barking, overexcited greetings or anything else that is making life with your dog challenging. This remedial package will help both of you move on and forward to break the bad habit – whether yours or the dogs or both - and specifically covers:


Package details:

• 4 sessions 
• Initial session is 2 hours
• 5 hours of training total

Price: $600
Ready to get started? Tell me about you and your dog and I will contact you to discuss how we can work together!



Kathleen is an amazing trainer. She did a series of in-home lessons for myself and my Australian Shepherd puppy Jackson. After we had tried a number of training classes without total success for such a high energy puppy, Kathleen assessed our needs and offered corrections and advice tailored specifically to my situation and breed.
— Karen H.